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On July 14, 2014, the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When the World Cup final entered the 113th minute of overtime, Huerle, who broke through from the left, sent a pass. Gotze, who came off the bench, unloaded the ball from his chest like a free and easy point, and then fell to the ground with a volley and scored the goal. While helping the German team win the World Cup, they completed the most important goal of their career so far.


This year ago, Gotze had just withstood a huge controversy and transferred from Dortmund to Bayern in the form of liquidated damages. Recalling that when he filled out the volunteer book as a child, Gotze wrote "Bayern Munich" in the column of his favorite club (the idol was Elber). It can be seen that when Bayern invited the invitation, the "golden boy" of Erren Dream I did not hesitate to choose to pursue my dream. After joining Bayern in his first season, Gotze scored 45 appearances and completed 15 goals under Guardiola, surrendering his first career "double-double" data in the league.


After adding a fourth five-pointed star symbolizing the championship to the German jersey, the positioning of the World Cup hero has made the outside world more full of expectations for Gotze's road to "ball king". However, even though Gotze’s World Cup lore has left history forever, it seems to have exhausted all his aura. After returning to Bayern, the 22-year-old Gotze was unable to regain the warmth of the afterglow of Maracanã. He began to fade from the "golden boy" in his mediocre performance. However, in the always fierce competition of the Southern Star, he would not enter. The retired Getze's position in the team gradually became dispensable.


As a well-known coach, Guardiola is well-known for guiding players to enhance game reading ability. Under his command, Ram, Boateng, Thiago, Kimmich and even Neuer have deepened their understanding of the game. However, in the face of Getze's deteriorating state, Gua Shuai was always at a loss, and even until he finally left, he could not find the reason for Getze's straight-line weakness. The outside world once commented that Guardiola ruined Gotze, but "The Unknown Pep" recorded the efforts of Guashuai on Gotze, "I respect Gotze very much, he is a great player. I want Gotze to show the best. On the bright side, it has not been easy for him these years..."

作为著名教练,瓜迪奥拉以指导球员提高比赛阅读能力而闻名。在他的指挥下,拉姆,博阿滕,蒂亚戈,金米奇甚至诺伊尔都加深了对比赛的理解。但是,面对Getze不断恶化的状况,Gua Shuai总是很茫然,即使直到他最终离开,他也无法找到Getze直线走弱的原因。外界曾经评论说瓜迪奥拉毁了哥兹,但《无名小卒》记录了瓜斯怀对哥兹的努力:“我非常尊重哥兹,他是一位出色的球员。我希望哥兹表现出最好。这些年来对他来说并不容易...”

Indeed, Guardiola did a lot of analysis on Gotze, and even discussed in depth with him many times. Even if Jiang Lang was exhausted, he could not find the point of giving full play to Gotze's ability. Until the last season of coaching Bayern Guashuai, Goetze only completed 3 goals (of which 2 goals were scored in the final round of the league). Since then, Gotze's Bayern road has not seen hope because of a coaching change. Even though he has repeatedly expressed his hope for the future of Bayern after the "melon ripening", Ancelotti had a long talk with Gotze after taking over the coach of Bayern, and suggested Gotze leave Bayern to get enough playing time.


That's it, Getze's "Erren Dream" completely woke up. After spending almost three years of precious career in waste, Gotze declined invitations from Liverpool, Tottenham, Juventus and other teams, and made the choice to go home in the summer of 2016: return to the place where his dream started. . "After going through difficult years, I chose to return to Dortmund because this is my home. I want to return to the top and play the best football here." However, at this time, the complacent strategy was unexpected and even more difficult. The blow is waiting for yourself in the most familiar place!

就是这样,Getze的“ Erren Dream”完全醒了。在浪费了将近三年的宝贵职业生涯之后,Gotze拒绝了利物浦,热刺,尤文图斯和其他球队的邀请,并选择在2016年夏天回家:回到他的梦想开始的地方。 。 “经历了艰难的几年后,我选择返回多特蒙德,因为这是我的家。我想回到巅峰,在这里打出最好的足球。”但是,此时,自满策略是出乎意料的,甚至更加困难。打击在最熟悉的地方等着你!

In this environment, Gotze found that his position after returning to Dortmund was more degraded than that of Bayern, and Tuchel was directly placed on the bench. In the key match in which Dortmund beat Leipzig, Tuchel replaced Pulisic and Paslak in the second half, but let Gotzeku sit for 90 minutes. When the media raised questions after the game, Tuchel directly replied: "Goetze? This is not the focus of the discussion after the game. I will not pick up a single substitute player to speak after the game." In this regard, the football star Matt Uss said bluntly: "This is a slap in the face for Gotze, allowing people to see his situation more clearly."

在这种环境下,哥泽发现他回到多特蒙德后的位置比拜仁的位置更糟,图切尔直接坐在了替补席上。在多特蒙德击败莱比锡的关键比赛中,图切尔在下半场取代普利西奇和帕斯拉克,但让Gotzeku坐了90分钟。当媒体在赛后提出疑问时,Tuchel直接回答:“ Goetze?这不是赛后讨论的重点。赛后,我不会接任一个替代球员发言。”对此,足球明星马特·乌斯(Matt Uss)坦率地说:“这对Gotze来说是耳光,让人们更清楚地看到他的情况。”

After scoring 1 goal in 11 appearances in the first half of the league, Goetze, who entered the second half, suffered a long-term muscle injury. In this regard, Dort arranged for Gotze to do a full-body medical examination. It was the test results of this inspection that Gotze had contracted a metabolic disease, which was a metabolic disorder announced later. Dortmund CEO Watzke immediately explained that this is "the main cause of frequent injuries to Gotze."


Metabolic disorder is a state of the body. It is a state in which the body’s digestion, absorption, and excretion of substances is pathological and unbalanced between supply and demand. Specifically, it can be manifested as a disorder of one substance or multiple substances. This leads to decreased muscle strength and fatigue, which in turn affects the explosive power and speed of professional players. However, when Gotze identified the "culprit" of metabolic disorders, the specific cause was difficult to determine. German expert Ralf Allman pointed out: "Gotze manifests the symptoms of metabolic disorders, what kind of disease is it suffering from? But there is no accurate judgment.

代谢紊乱是身体的一种状态。在这种状态下,人体对物质的消化,吸收和排泄是病理性的,供求之间不平衡。具体而言,它可以表现为一种物质或多种物质的紊乱。这导致肌肉力量和疲劳度降低,进而影响职业球员的爆发力和速度。但是,当Gotze确定了代谢紊乱的“罪魁祸首”时,就很难确定具体原因。德国专家拉尔夫·艾尔曼(Ralf Allman)指出:“羊肚菌表现出代谢紊乱的症状,它患有哪种疾病?但是没有准确的判断。

At this time, in order to avoid outside attention and interference, Gotze had to stay at home honestly. He did not receive treatment on the team, nor could he go to a crowded hospital, but chose to receive expert diagnosis and treatment in private. But no matter how low-key, the "Bild" reporter still "caught" Gotze's father, "There is no treatment plan yet, and we can only decide after the diagnosis. Gotze can't do anything except sit at home and wait. No one knows how long he will truce..."

此时,为了避免外界的关注和干扰,Gotze必须诚实地待在家里。他没有在团队中接受治疗,也无法去拥挤的医院,而是选择私下接受专家诊断和治疗。但是,无论多么低调,“ Bild”记者仍然“抓住”了Gotze的父亲,“目前尚无治疗计划,我们只能在诊断后做出决定。Gotze除了坐在家里等着,别无选择。没有人知道他将休战多久……”

Although Gotze has left the outside world and the club is silent, the Bild still broke the news in time: Gotze is suffering from hypothyroidism, which is the same disease as the former Brazilian star Ronaldo (Larro got fat late in his career) It is from this). After that, when Dortmund officially announced the reimbursement of Gotze for the season, it indirectly verified the prediction of Bild. However, Dortmund officially announced at the same time that Goetze’s cause had been diagnosed and began to receive treatment: "If the medical situation is optimistic, Goetze will resume training this summer."


As a traditional German player, Gotze is not a chaotic or undisciplined private life. On the contrary, he is very hardworking and hardworking in the training ground, especially when he is in adversity, he is eager to use double training to improve and prove himself. But I didn’t want to, because of too much effort and desperation, the strategy caused his body to think that it was overloaded, and then automatically shut down the self-regulation system. The end result was that his body was abnormal, and this "beautiful misunderstanding" was undoubtedly Let Gotze's career paid a heavy price.


According to a doctor familiar with Gotze’s physical condition, Gotze’s old injuries over the years are also affecting him all the time, such as the inflammation of the pubic bone that has appeared since his youth, and the 2013 UEFA Super Cup by Chelsea player Ramirez. The ankle problems caused by criminals have never been cured, and these injuries further crushed Goce under the influence of metabolic disorders. Therefore, even if Gotze spent nearly 6 months treating metabolic disorders in 2017, his physical fitness could not be restored to the previous level.


"The metabolism problem is part of my current life, but I am very happy to be back on the court and continue to do what I like." During the preparation period before the 2017-18 season, Gotze finally resumed training and made his debut in the warm-up match. Wearing the captain's armband in the game against Atlanta, but his inability to train for six months has made his wealth more obvious. According to the photos taken by the media, Gotze not only has fat on his stomach, but also has difficulty hiding his double chin, and completely loses the vigorous and youthful feeling of the year.


Of course, the 2017-18 season is also a season that Dortmund fans don't want to recall. Because Tuchel left the team due to conflicts, Dortmund invited the Dutchman Boss to take over, but did not want the team to drive high and low. Even with Ruudby leading by 4 goals, the opponent was still tied, so after 15 rounds, it changed to just Stoger, who had been dismissed from Cologne, "fighted the fire" and finally barely managed to retain the Champions League qualification at the end of the season with fourth place in the league. In such a turbulent season, Gotze’s performance was naturally affected. He only contributed 2 goals and 3 assists in 23 appearances. At this time, the outside world discovered that the illness had greatly weakened his speed and offensive sharpness...


On the other hand, whether it is the 433 formation designed by Favre in the early stage, or the solid 343 system in the later stage, there is no 10 position that is most suitable for Gotze. "A lot of people think that Goal's best season is when he is 18 years old." "Goal" analyzed, "He has neither the strength to play center, nor the speed to play wing forward. The best position is at the 10th position, but how many goals does he have? The team still retains this position?" In this regard, even Favre frankly frankly found a position for Gotze in his 343 formation is almost impossible.

另一方面,无论是法夫尔(Favre)早期设计的433地层,还是后期的实心343系统,都没有最适合Gotze的10位置。 “很多人都认为进球的最佳季节是他18岁。” “目标”分析说:“他既没有力量去打中锋,也没有速度去打边锋。最佳位置是第10位,但是他有多少个进球?球队仍然保持这个位置吗?”在这方面,即使是法弗尔也坦率地发现,戈茨在343阵型中的职位几乎是不可能的。

Therefore, under Favre, the seemingly golden strategy of the frontcourt has become a "tinker", playing which position is lacking. However, Gotze had 26 appearances in the 2018-19 season (7 goals and 7 assists). Since then, with the addition of new players such as Brandt, Hazard, Harland, and the rise of teenagers such as Reina, Gotze It is more difficult to get a chance to play in the team. In the 2019-20 season, Goetze played only 15 times, averaging only 34 minutes (only 3 goals). The season has not yet ended, Dortmund officials announced that they will not renew the contract with Gotze whose contract is about to expire.


Coming to this summer, Gotze, who is in a free body, had to face a new career choice. Where to go next? In response to the plight of the former love generals, Crowe gave advice when popularizing-he said that Gotze is still excellent, but more games are needed to prove himself. Therefore, joining a team that is not demanding and the environment is relatively relaxed is undoubtedly the best choice for Geze.


It's just that the GCE has entered a career trough at this time, and there is no sign of recovery in the physical condition. This makes those former suitors afraid to avoid it, let alone the super high salary standard of GCE, so that some media claim Gotze retired in Hurle's footsteps. To this end, Goetze once again changed the brokerage company, that is, operating Sane to join Bayern's Rean Sports responsible for the transfer. It's just that the outside world has been focusing on the rumors of Goce for a long time, and only two of them have actual content. Among them, the newly promoted local tyrant Hertha Berlin clearly expressed interest in Gotze, but the constant attack line of new aid is difficult to meet Gotze's playing requirements.

只是GCE在此时进入了职业低谷,而且身体状况没有任何恢复的迹象。这使那些前求婚者害怕避免这样做,更不用说GCE的超高薪水标准了,因此一些媒体声称Gotze在Hurle的脚步中退休了。为此,Goetze再次更改了经纪公司,即经营Sane加盟拜仁的Rean Sports负责转让。外界长期以来一直在关注Goce的谣言,而其中只有两个具有实际内容。其中,新晋升的土豪柏林柏林(Hertha Berlin)显然表达了对Gotze的兴趣,但新援助的不断进攻线难以满足Gotze的比赛要求。

Another unexpected, but also expected Bayern. According to reports, Bayern coach Flick personally talked with Gotze on the phone and said, "I value Gotze very much and know his abilities very well." Considering the friendship between Flick and Gotze in the national team, naturally It is expected that Gotze will be reborn as his former teammates such as Muller and Boateng. However, Frick’s hope was rejected by the top because they worried that the deal would put too much pressure on the club and Gotze, and they doubted whether Gotze’s athleticism would help the team. As a result, the fairy tale that the fans expected will not happen.


The most important factor is that Gotze can feel a strong sense of authenticity in the team. On the one hand, the coach Schmidt is a German who has coached Leverkusen, and his style of tactics on the ground and delicate coordination is very suitable for Gotze to play; on the other hand, Eindhoven has continuously added German (Bundesliga) factors in recent years. Fein, Mwogo, Unnastahl, Philippe Max, Baumgartel will not make Gotze feel lonely. It can be seen that, as suggested by his teacher Klopp, Gotze made the best choice to set sail again...

最重要的因素是Gotze可以在团队中感受到强烈的真实感。一方面,教练施密特(Schmidt)是德国人,曾担任过勒沃库森(Leverkusen)的教练,他扎实的战术风格和精妙的配合非常适合Gotze踢球;另一方面,埃因霍温(Eindhoven)近年来不断增加德国(Bundesliga)因素。 Fein,Mwogo,Unnastahl,Philippe Max,Baumgartel不会让Gotze感到孤独。可以看出,按照他的老师克洛普的建议,哥特人是再次启航的最佳选择...

From the youthful fame of shining football to those whose growth is more limited than expected; from the national hero who turned the tide to the completely lost self; the recovery in returning to the homeland was fruitless, to the new setting off...Time flies, immersed In the glorious history, Goce shouldered the burden of "proving that he is better than Messi", but he has never shown the complacency to further write the legend, but now he is 28 years old when he comes to a new world and is still the boy who pursues his dream.


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